Resources for Amateur Radio Builders, Makers, Hackers, Home Brew

Looking for information: Check out our Resources Page, where you will find links to sources, both within the group and outside the group. Also find, How-to's for past Projects and Ideas for future Projects. Images, Videos, and Articles...

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Collaborate in Person at Builders Group Meetings and More...

Join us at a regional Saturday Build Meeting,  a local Ham Club presentation, or regional hamfests and expos. Also, be on the watch for impromptu Build sessions, or in person Eyeball get togethers.  So, something for everyone: Building, Show & Tell, or just talk about it.

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Collaborate on the Web/Online

Loosely integrated Online presence for Amateur Radio Builders, whether you are local, regional, national, or international. Always growing, includes: website, Facebook Page, Facebook Discussion Group, notifications, a dedicated email address and voicemail phone for requesting more information.  Watch for more additions

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Is your Passion in Amateur Radio for Building? Hacking? Making? Home-Brew? Modifying old or new? Just trying to understand what's inside the Box? Want to be more than an appliance operator?

Does your passion for Building get lost in the activities of your local club? Still love your club, but want more?

We Can Hams, started out as an idea by one Ham who knew he could Build alone, but wanted to Collaborate by sitting next to another Ham and Building something together, or at least meeting up now and then to Show and Tell each other about the progress in their latest projects.

So, the quest began: to find a local club that surely would nurture such an endeavor, hopefully having all the pieces in place. Then, with help from a local club and a small number of individual Hams, this lead to what ultimately was called, the First Builders Fest held on January 6th, 2018, at a local Hamfest co-sponsored within a local Ham Club. The Hamfest and the Builders Fest were both big Successes in their own rights, as well in collaboration. But, in the end, for the local club, the Builders Group is just another niche within a Ham Club requiring an unbalanced amount of support for the number of individual Hams who participate in the club.  As the Builders Group and the Builders Fest, attracted national and international participation, that leads us to today, a stand alone Builders Group: We Can Hams, welcome, join in the collaboration.


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